EPS (Electric Power Steering) System with Ideal PMSM and Drive
CAN Network Signaling
Hydraulic Car Lift with Induction Motor Driven Pump
Electro-Thermal Trade-off Analysis for an AC-DC Converter
Stepper Motor for Open-Loop Angle Control
Three Phase Power System
LED Dimmer Circuit using 555 Timer
Loudspeaker with Simple Amplifier
Solar Energy Harvesting - Compare Direct vs. MPPT Battery Charging
Step-Down (Buck) Converter
Cloud-Based Circuit Simulation Tool




PartQuestTM Explore is a complete design, modeling, simulation, and analysis environment for electronic and mechatronic circuits and systems. Full coverage for analog, digital, mixed-signal and multi-domain systems including electro-mechanical and electro-thermal. SPICE and VHDL-AMS models supported.

Powerful and Scalable Plans


Public Designs

PartQuestTM Explore Community

Get started with circuit design, modeling and simulation.


Boost Your Simulation Power

PartQuestTM Explore Simulation Pack

For Community users needing to run long simulations.


Private Design and Collaboration

PartQuestTM Explore Professional

For engineers that want all the power and privacy of Explore.


Community Simulation Pack Professional
VHDL-AMS & SPICE simulation
Unlimited public designs
Unlimited private designs
Create and join private collaboration groups
Simulation server execution time Unlimited simulations, up to one minute each Unlimited simulations, up to one hour each Unlimited simulations, up to one hour each
Price Free $240/year ($20.00/month) $750/year ($62.50/month)