Why is it free?

One of our main goals with PartQuest Explore is to foster a community where users can freely share electronic designs. We believe that free access to tools is central to this goal. For companies and professionals needing additional features, we offer fee-based subscriptions that provide scalability, privacy, security and advanced collaboration capabilities. These subscriptions provide the support necessary for us to continue serving everyone else at no cost.

What is PartQuest Explore?

PartQuest Explore is an online environment where analog, digital, and mixed-signal designs can be created, simulated, and shared. It is the perfect site to learn, work, and collaborate—all in one place, using the latest cloud-based technology. PartQuest Explore offers an online engineering community that allows subject-matter experts to work either independently or together. An open framework promotes crowd-sourced model libraries and designs, available to all. Community members can simply follow design activity, or they can actively curate and share content with their colleagues and friends. Users can build on each other’s work—in real time—allowing for rapid and collaborative prototyping.

Why should I create an account to use PartQuest Explore?

Creating a design is easy and can be done without creating an account.  If you create an account, your designs will be saved so you will have access to them the next time you login.

Am I limited in the number of designs I can create?

No. With a free account you can create as many public designs as you want.

What if I want to create designs that cannot be seen by others?

To prevent other users from seeing a design, it must be stored in a secret group which requires a subscription.  Refer to the Plans and Features section of the home page for more information.

What is the blue icon in the lower right corner of the screen?

That is an Intercom chat button where you can chat with a PartQuest Explore developer.

What type of model files can be imported?

VHDL-AMS and SPICE. PartQuest Explore doesn’t provide support and/or compatibility for several proprietary constructs found in some PSpice® or LTspice® models.

How do I select more than one object on the schematic?

Holding the shift key down while clicking on an object will add this object to the selected set. Holding the control key down while clicking on an object will toggle that object’s selection without changing anything else that is selected. If the object was selected, it will be deselected after you click with the control key pressed.

Can I select an area of the schematic?

Yes, by pressing either the shift or control keys while you click and drag with the mouse. The shift key will add the enclosed items to the currently selected set. The control key will clear whatever is currently selected and select the enclosed items.

How do I delete an entire wire?

Press the shift key as you click on a portion of the wire. This will select the entire wire which can be deleted with the delete key.