How To: Simulate Designs

Created on 02/07/2018 - 05:11 PM / Last Updated 4 years 7 months ago

Once your design has been created you can run simulations on it to see if it's working as expected. This is extremely useful for both design/concept exploration as well as for working out design bugs prior to prototyping a design with actual hardware.

Simulation preparation guidelines

Following are some guidelines to follow when preparing a design for simulation:

  • Add at least one ground (reference) component to the design.

  • Make sure that all component parameters have values.

    If provided, default values can be used.

  • Try to make component parameter values reasonable so that they make sense in the context of the design.

  • If you are running frequency domain analysis, be sure to turn the AC source on.

Steps for simulating a design

The following are applied to the gear icon in the PartQuest Explore schematic toolbar:

  • Select the Simulation Type.

    At this time, you can choose between Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain.

  • Specify a simulation End Time (for time-domain) or simulation Start/End Frequency (for frequency-domain).

    You can add SI suffixes (e.g. m, u, k, etc.), but do not add units - they are shown on to the right of the time/frequency input field.

  • Click on the Run simulation button (the button with the right-facing arrow).

    The simulation progress will be shown below the Run simulation button.