SPICE Modeling in PartQuest Explore

by Darrell
21 November 2016

We are pleased to announce that PartQuest Explore now supports import of SPICE subcircuits and individual ".model" statements as a way to specify a model for use in the PartQuest Explore Design Analyzer. Simply choose the Create New Component > From SPICE menu when you are editing a design.

Watch this short video to see a demonstration:


This new capability gives you a convenient new way to leverage SPICE models that are available from many component suppliers.  Here is an example of an Infineon LED driver component test circuit, as seen in the above video:

Disclaimer: Please note that this facility is focused on "standard" SPICE formats and does not attempt to provide support and/or compatibility for several proprietary constructs found in some PSpice® or LTspice® models.  You will see best results from models that are targeted at the generic subset of SPICE formats.