Re-use Models That You Find

3 November 2016

You browse and search among the thousands of designs that are posted on the SystemVision Cloud site, and you find a model/symbol that you would like to use in a design of your own.  How do you do it? 

It's  very easy -- simply right-click with your mouse and choose "Add Favorite."  You can do this anywhere that a design is accessible, whether you are just browsing and viewing someone else's design, or if you have made a copy and are editing a design.  It works if you have created the model yourself, or if the model has simply been shared by someone else in a public design.

Once you have executed this "Add Favorite" operation, the symbol (and associated model) will now appear in your "My Favorites" category in the palettes on the left side of any schematic that you are editing.  You can now use this model in any of your own designs.

Watch this video for a quick demonstration:


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