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Share "Live" application notes on social media or your own web-site, to attract customers and help them understand new ways to solve their design problems.


Your AEs can invite customers into private design workspaces, and collaborate with them to integrate your components into their designs.


You can provide high fidelity component models and practical reference designs, to support your customers' own design efforts.

PartQuest Explore Features

Live application demos attract customer interest

You can post live demos that feature your components on your own web-site (e.g. in blogs and on-line articles) or on social media, highlighting their relevant performance and application-specific benefits. Your customers can make changes to fit their particular use-case, within limits that you've specified, and then re-simulate to see how it works. See an example for an LED Controller IC here: ACME AS123 LED Driver with Dimmer Control - Application Note.

Application engineers collaborate with customers in private projects

Your AE can invite a customer into a project, where they can work together on a design that uses many of your components and meets the customer's specific needs. The work-flow is effective and efficient. Everyone is looking at the same schematics, simulation results and reference data: no e-mailing zip files around with obsolete versions, incompatible formats, missing files, etc. Fast turn-around on changes, deeper engagement and less travel!

Provide high fidelity models and reusable reference designs

You can create component models in SPICE or VHDL-AMS format. VHDL-AMS models can capture advanced features (e.g. operating states, programmable parameters, complex analog behavior, etc.). Both model formats support optional encryption to protect IP. These models can be made available to the entire community of PartQuest Explore users, or exclusively to members of your private groups. You can also provide reference designs that your customers can modify and reuse for their own applications, with your parts already designed-in!

Customer Analytics: What's Hot, What's Next!

In addition, we can provide analytics about the community's use of your products and application circuits, as well as comments they are making about things they would like to have: heads-up on the emerging needs of your customers!