FREE Virtual Evaluation Board for ON Semi NCV8876 Boost Control IC

by Mike Donnelly
12 August 2016

For new vehicles with a “Start-Stop” operating mode, the engine is turned off frequently to improve fuel economy.  But low-voltage drop-outs must be avoided during re-start. 

The NCV8876 from onsemi makes it easy to boost the battery voltage during these drop-outs.  You can buy an evaluation board to experiment with this chip:

Click here for eval board


experiment with a

Virtual Evaluation Board (for NCV887601BSTGEVB)


The schematic includes all of the components on the evaluation board, as well as user specified external test apparatus. The user can modify various parameter values (as indicated in blue) and then run new simulations to see the effects of those changes, This "virtual" testing of the NCV8876 and help the user gain a better understanding of its features and behavior.

The nominal simulation results show the output to the load during a fast battery drop-out and recovery. Note that in this particular test set-up, the output voltage (red waveform) is maintained above 6.0V during the drop-out transient, and regulates at 6.8V during sustained low voltage operation (3.0V, blue waveform).

To learn more, see the blog 

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