Import Your PartQuest Explore Design Into the PADS PCB environment

by Darrell
15 December 2016

PartQuest Explore is designed to work with the Mentor PADS PCB tools.  If you have the PADS PCB tools, you can install an import tool into the schematic capture environment.  Using this import tool, you can login with your PartQuest Explore account, from within the schematic environment, browse for your online designs, and import them into a PADS schematic.  

For an overview of this capability, visit the PartQuest Explore PADS AMS Cloud page.

Who can use this import tool?

This tool is available to anyone who has purchased a PADS product and has an up-to-date maintenance agreement.  Your SystemVision Cloud login email must be associated with your PADS product purchase and maintenance.  For example, if you have a login account for using Mentor SupportNet, then you should use the same login email for SystemVision Cloud.   

This import tool is not currently compatible with the PADS Maker and MakerPro Editions, for import.  You are still welcome to signup for a FREE SystemVision Cloud account to design and simulate circuits online.


If you have any questions about our integration into the PADS environment, contact us at SystemVision Info

Download and install

If you have a valid user account, when you login and visit the PADS AMS Cloud page, you can scroll to near the bottom of the page and find the download icon for the import tool.  Or, for your convenience, you can click on it here:

Direct circuit import from within PADS DX Designer

Download the file and click on it to begin the installation process.  You should not try to install this import tool unless you have already installed the PADS xDX Designer tool.  This import tool requires, as a prerequisite, PADS version VX.2 or later.  You may be asked to install some .NET libraries that are required by the import tool.  You may also see warnings about malware and/or viruses and be prompted to allow the file to be downloaded and installed.  You will need to accept any such authorization requests in order to install the import tool.

Using the import tool

To import a schematic from SystemVsion Cloud to a PADS schematic, you will first need to successfully complete installation of the PADS import tool.  This will create a new menu item in the tools menu, in your PADS xDX Designer schematic environment.  The new tools menu is called, Import from SystemVision Cloud.  If you don't see this item in your tools menu, then you may need to restart the schematic tool and/or go through the installation process to ensure that it has installed successfully.

To import a schematic, from SystemVision Cloud to a PADS schematic, simply follow these steps:

  1. Invoke the PADS schematic tool (xDX Designer)
  2. Open a new schematic sheet
  3. Invoke the import tool: Tools > Import from SystemVision Cloud
  4. Login to SystemVision Cloud, using your email that is associated with a valid PADS product with maintenance (you can ask the tool to remember you so that you only need to do this once)
  5. Browse, in the import tool, for the design that you want to import
  6. Hit the Import button
  7. Wait while your schematic is recreated locally, in your PADS schematic
  8. Hit OK when the Import Complete dialog is shown

Here's a short video that shows you how to use the import tool to copy a SystemVision Cloud design from online to a local PADS schematic.