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Zürich Blumenversand Klub

Willkommen im Schweizer floristenclub! Wir treffen uns jede Woche, um über neue Strategien für den Verkauf von Blumensträußen im Internet zu diskutieren.

Pichon game

We're all sharing this bouncing bird's escapades in Pichon! You play as a chubby bird in this puzzle platformer! To be able to open the door at the conclusion of each level, will require your assistance. That's why you've come! Can you assist it in navigating these platforms and returning to its home? Best of luck! Our chubby bird has become disoriented and has ended up in a labyrinth. However, she must return home, and we are assisting her in doing so safely! There's one thing we failed to mention! She's always bouncing around! If you liked Pichon, check our collection of free games by

Expert Ecommerce Web Developers Group

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