PADS AMS Cloud makes designing analog, mixed-signal, and mixed-technology circuits as easy as designing on a whiteboard. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Anyone with a PADS license is entitled to a free one-year subscription to PADS AMS Cloud. Your PADS AMS Cloud subscription provides unlimited private designs to the user. However, in order for the two systems to work together, you must be registered on PartQuest Explore. The account is free.

Download and Install

To use PADS AMS Cloud, you must first . Once you have a valid user account, click on the button below to download the interface with PADS DX Designer.

Download PartQuest Explore Import Tool

Direct Circuit Import From Within PADS DX Designer

Download the file and click on it to begin the installation process. You should not try to install this import tool unless you have already installed the PADS xDX Designer tool. This import tool requires, as a prerequisite, PADS version VX.2 or later. You may be asked to install some .NET libraries that are required by the import tool. You may also see warnings about malware and/or viruses and be prompted to allow the file to be downloaded and installed. You will need to accept any such authorization requests in order to install the import tool.

For in-depth details, read this import blog.